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Brown Sugar Body Scrub

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We have already made a variety of body scrubs that are certainly taking best care of our skin and saving us from other blemishes. The spas and scrubs we see in market literally drain out our wallets so we have brought you the ease and inspiration to make these very scrubs at your own using very ordinary house hold ingredients. These scrubs are extremely pure, harmless, exfoliating and moisturizing as well. Today we are going to make brown sugar body scrub equally handy for the beginners and veterans as well so you must give it a try.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub


For making this amazing body scrub we need half cup of brown sugar that is easily available in every house. A half cup of oil preferably olive or coconut oil as they really work great and have amazing effects on our skin. Well, you can also add some essential oils of your choice but this is pretty optional not necessary. So all of this stuff is going to be available very easily I am sure. Now let’s have a look on the basic procedure of making this awesome brown sugar body scrub.


First of all mix all the above mentioned ingredients gently in some bowl, the moment they are very well mixed, store this substance in an air tight jar. A jar that is not air tight will not take good care of this miraculous substance which is ultimately going to take care of your skin, so better bear in mind to arrange for some air tight jar. Now the scrub is all set to be used. Use one tablespoon as needed in the shower. Rub your skin gently with this brown sugar body scrub gently and rinse it well, it would leave your skin so silky smooth and glowing as well.


The benefits are again the same as the other body scrubs. They are best used as exfoliants, remove dead skin from heels, face, knees and where ever you apply them. Plus they also make your skin glowing and also make it smooth and silky.