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DIY Coconut Body Scrub

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How much you are conscious about your skin? Almost every one of us is damn concerned with our skin issues. We always wish to make it look younger and fresh. So for this purpose, we are going to discuss a body scrub which could easily be made at house with some simple house hold ingredients. But it is immensely going to benefit our skin. In this DIY article we would learn how to make this coconut body scrub at home with just a few ingredients that are easily available in every common house. This coconut body scrub would not only exfoliate your skin, but would also moisturize leaving it super soft.

DIY Coconut Body Scrub

So basically we are going to use two basic aromatic ingredients in this scrub and that are coconut and lime. Both coconut and lime hold their specific charming aroma that fascinates a lot. So the scrub we are going to make is completely non toxic.


For making this body scrub we are going to require half cup of virgin coconut oil. One cup of organic sugar or salt whatever suits best to your skin. And we are going to add not more than 20 drops of lime essential oil.


First of all we have to melt the coconut oil until it completely becomes liquid. The moment when you are done with the melting process, mix the melted coconut oil with the organic sugar or salt what ever suits your skin. Now add the 20 drops of essential oils in the mixture and stir it gently. Its all set to be used as a body scrub. Now preserve it in a n air tight jar or container as it would degenerate in a common container that is not air tight and might lose its properties.


This coconut body scrub is all set to be used. You can apply this body scrub on your entire body to exfoliate your skin. It would remove your dead skin. Before application, rinse it well, you must also stay cautious as the coconut oil may leave your tub slick. Now apply it to the whole of your body during bath or shower. And enjoy its mesmerizing aroma. This simple homemade scrub will slough off your dry skin to reveal a smoother silkier body. Coconut oil works as an emollient to soften up the dry skin.