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Homemade Brown Sugar Body Scrub

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Today I am going to share with you the recipe of homemade body scrub which is one of my favorite scrubs. I really love this as it smells well and has all natural ingredients. You just need to kick out artificial products for skincare and add this DIY body scrub in your beauty routine. I am actually excited to share this one of the best body scrub recipes with you and want that you also prefer this scrub instead of artificial scrubs. If you are using expensive body scrubs you just skip it and try to use this which I am sharing with you. It is just simple and easy to make and has many benefits in it.


Any DIY body scrub feels you better and you will keep yourself fresh and gorgeous. If you are searching for beauty product I will suggest you to use this brown sugar beauty scrub which is simple and there is no need of numerous ingredients. Now you can make your beauty product by yourself which is best homemade body scrub also. Now you have not needed to pay out hundreds of dollars in buying such beauty products. This one of the simple body scrub recipes has a lot of fun with it and you will truly like it. This DIY body scrub has very moisturizing and exfoliating elements in it.

Amazing Benefits of brown sugar body scrub:

This brown sugar body scrub has many benefits in it as it is good for your daily beauty routine. Brown sugar is really effective in exfoliating and gives wonderful results to your skin. You feel superb and healthy looking skin gives a smile on your face. This homemade body scrub has natural ingredients and you get all items from the kitchen. It gives moisturizers to your skin and removes all dead cells from your skin and leaving your skin such as soft and silky. Natural oils are best for feeding your skin and giving you soft skin which contains romantic or boosting scents. So this brown sugar sub is really easy to make as well as you can gift it to your friends.

You just need to scroll down this page slightly and get your DIY body scrub recipe here.

Ingredients for Brown Sugar body Scrub:

  • ½ cup of brown sugar
  • ½ cup of oil (you can pick olive or coconut oil as you like)
  • Essential oil (optional)

Instruction for making brown Sugar Scrub:

You need to take a bowl and put all ingredients in it and mix it well. You can store this homemade body scrub in an airtight jar. When you are taking bath just take 1 tbsp of it and rub skin gently with this scrub rinse it well. This one of the best body scrub recipes will leave healthy and silky texture on your body.

You can just make it some minutes as you see and this has endless benefits for your body. Now you can get rid of expensive beauty products easily.