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Shea Sugar Body Scrub

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We are buckled up to make all these home made body scrubs just to make you save some bucks. Or these might be a substitute of the products you are purchasing from the market and not getting the desired and anticipated results. So all these natural scrubs are just to compliment you with our efforts and to make your skin glowing and shining. Lot of ladies like to wear high heels and put on lip sticks that are not quality focused, so they are just left with a lot of dead skin cell on their lips and heels as well. So this scrub is going to be pretty miraculous in exfoliating your skin.

Shea Sugar Body Scrubs


First of all we need some raw unrefined organic shape butter. If this is hard, put it in a glass bowl and put the bowl in simmering water to melt it down. Plus you need some coconut oil, add it to the shape butter, two table spoons of vitamin E oil. Whip the whole substance very well, and the moment you are done with the whipping procedure, put it in the freezer so that the matter gets settled down. Whip it till it becomes pretty fluffy. After getting it back from the freezer whip it once again. After all this is done, save this substance in some air tight jar.


As all the ingredients are pretty organic so you can use it throughout your body. So when you plan to take a shower take your air tight jar along with you. Apply the scrub on your desired areas, rub it gently and rinse it well. After leaving it for a little while, rinse it and wash away with warm water so that the whole stuff is completely removed.


As all the organic body scrubs mainly focus on the target of exfoliating your skin. In this way the dead skin cells are removed which are replaced with the new and younger skin cells. So it gives an over all effect on your entire body leaving your skin pretty glowing.