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Sugar Scrub Recipes

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Scrub is an ultimate spa and massaging tool to have relaxed and nurtured skin cells of the body hence multiple natural and organic ingredients are used to make scrub recipes for body massage. It is done especially when you focus on doing body scrub treatment while staying at home. Sugar scrub is one of most effective sort of applicator to be applied over body during body massage. However, there may be several things and variations that you can do with sugar body scrub. Actual way of using sugar as body scrub is to combine it with some other natural ingredients that are used for body scrub recipes.


A good and complete homemade body scrub recipe is not prepared using single ingredient like sugar scrub even if you are going to do sugar body scrub. You need to follow the complete set of ingredients while preparing body scrub recipes. For example, making use of essential and natural oils and some salts is one of most required things for making a body scrub recipe work effectively. In this way, we can say that a sugar scrub recipe cannot be completed if these basic ingredients are not being used to mix it with sugar.

Following are different sugar scrub recipes that you can prepare at home easily.

  • Coffee and sugar body scrub
  • Tomato and sugar scrub
  • Sugar with rosemary scrub
  • Lemon sugar scrub
  • Banana sugar scrub
  • Coconut sugar scrub

In fact, the list of sugar body scrub recipes can be very lengthy as you can combine sugar with almost all sorts of ingredients while preparing body scrub recipes and it really works to give you real advantages of body scrub treatment.

Sugar scrub recipes are found to be the best in making your body skin get softer, smoother and cleaner as well. Moreover, soothing and relaxation of body skin cells can be said a biggest and most required factor that sugar scrub can perfectly fulfill. In professional spa centers, body scrub treatments are always titled according to the ingredients to be used to make body scrub recipes and applicators otherwise sugar is such a great and most effective ingredient to be used for this purpose. There are several types of sugar content that you can add to body scrub recipes like powdered form of sugar, brown sugar, white sugar etc.