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Body Wrap for Stretch Marks

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Having stretch marks on different parts of body is very common problem and this is caused by frequently stretching skin when it becomes itchy and irritating. However, stretch marks also appear on skin for several other reasons including pregnancy, hormonal changes, puberty, body building and reactions of using chemical products and for any of skin therapy. These marks appear on skin of off-color hue and look very bad. Usually stretch marks happen to appear on most sensitive part of skin. Different ways are available to get rid of stretch marks including skin therapy, using chemical products and natural ingredients as well. Here we are going to discuss body wrap treatment for stretch marks.

Body Wrap for Stretch Marks

Body wrap is spa like treatment that is mainly important for weight losing but it also works to treat different problems skin and stretch marks can be well treated with help of body wrap therapy. Body wrap treatment is best and most effective in curing stretch marks on skin and you can also do this treatment at home as taking professional spa services are more expensive and hard to afford. You can make DIY body wrap recipe using different home ingredient like essential oils, salts, herbs, clay and kelp etc. Given below is a good recipe of body wrap treatment. We are going to make this body wrap treatment using clay and Epsom salt.

You need to combine all things before starting body wrapping treatment and they include mixing bowl, towels, water, wrapping sheet, bandage stripes, clay and Epsom salt.

  • First of all, mix clay and salt together and prepare a mask using water.
  • Gently wrap this mask on problem part of your body and keep rubbing gently for 2-3 minutes.
  • Wrap it with wrapping sheet and use bandage stripe to tighten your skin.
  • Your skin must be snug not too tight to create problem in blood circulation.
  • Let it sit for several hours or overnight.
  • Keep drinking plenty of water to better detoxify your skin.
  • Then rinse well and you will feel clear difference in appearance of stretch marks on your skin.

Stretch mark is one of hardest skin issue and they take too much time to disappear. That’s why you will have to take stretch marks body wrap treatment for several times with regular interval. When you start using body wrap treatment, they become lighter and then disappear gradually. You would be more convenient in using stretch marks body wrap at home rather than taking spa services as natural ingredients are always more effective in curing and healing skin problems especially stretch marks. Homemade body wrap is natural healing process to heal stretch marks on body and this therapy can be applied on almost all parts of body. However ingredients vary to be used on different parts of body. You must be very careful in choosing right ingredient to get rid of stretch marks.