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DIY Body Wrap to Reduce Tummy

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People, who have come to know about the ultimate affects of body wrap love to do it for reducing weight, eliminating fat on various parts of body, detoxify and rejuvenate their skin as well. Basically body wrap therapy and treatment is not very old way to treat all these problems that is the main reason that people are not well aware of this easy and effective weight reducing treatment that can be easily done at home. When the concept of body wrap treatment is originated, it was served in professional spa and beauty salon centers but now people are getting familiar with this treatment and can now do it at home. Moreover DIY body wrap ideas and instructions have also made it more convenient and easier to do at home. It is very effective for losing belly fat and we are going to share the method and recipe of DIY body wrap treatment to reduce fat from tummy.

Body wrap treatment kits are easily available in the market but when you are going for DIY body wrap at home, you can perfectly make use of several common ingredients that are easily available in your home and kitchen. Different types of clays, muds, salts, essential oils  are used to prepare different body wrap recipes. The recipe of DIY body wrap to lose fat from tummy is here for you.


Ingredients that you need for DIY body wrap include Epsom salt, clay, lavender oil. Now read the instructions to do it at home:

  • Take a mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients in it. Make use of water to make a thick paste of these ingredients.
  • Now apply the thick layer of this paste over your tummy and gently rub it for several minutes.
  • Then make use of any wrapping sheet or plastic sheet to wrap it.
  • Make it sure that wrapping should be snug not too much tight.
  • This wrapping can be left for several hours even for the whole night.
  • After completing the duration of body wrap, rinse off the wrapping sheet and mask as well.
  • Keep drinking water during the body wrap treatment.
  • Keep your skin neat and clean before you apply body wrap treatment. Take bath for this purpose.
  • Also take pictures of your figure before and after applying body wrap mask to judge the results of body wrap.

This is the way you can do DIY body wrap treatment at home.