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DIY Body Wrap with Ginger

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Ginger is an incredible root that gives your body lots of benefits. You may be just aware of its ability of healing nausea problem but other advantages of ginger are marvelous. Some of most prominent properties of ginger include migraine relief, soothing the stomach, muscles bath, cure cramps, improve metabolism, heal congestion problems, pain relief and anti cancer as well. This amazing ingredient can be a part of body wrap recipes when you are going to practice DIY body wrap. Body wrap treatment using ginger as main ingredient can be very effective in serving you regarding ultra benefits of this amazing therapy.

DIY Body Wrap with Ginger

Ginger body wrap can frequently heal:

  • Cellulites
  • Skin detoxifying
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce inches and pounds of body
  • Muscles relief
  • Pains and aches
  • Flush out toxins of body

Ground and oil form of ginger roots are used to make body wrap recipes and it is very effective in warming body during body wrap. Ginger is such an ingredient that can be combined with other body wrap ingredients for best results. You can choose among several of body wrap recipes made using ginger, essential oils, seeds, herbs, clay and salts.

Accomplishing DIY body wrap is ideal way to save money and get best results of body wrap as you can give more and more time to let body wrap sit at home, natural and pure ingredients are more effective than using chemical based products. You can avoid expensive body wrap services given by spa centers when you try to do body wrap at home. given below is recipe of ginger body wrap.

Ingredients that you need to have for body wrap include ginger roots, yellow kaolin clay powder, few drops of any of essential oils and a pinch of salt.


  • Combine all ingredients in blender and make a thick paste to apply on body.
  • Gently apply this paste on problem part of your body.
  • Wrap your body using plastic sheets and other wrapping material.
  • Tight the skin using bandage stripes to provide warmth of body wrap ingredient to the body.
  • Let it sit for several hours.
  • Then rinse your body with lukewarm water.
  • Keep drinking plenty of water during body wrap process.
  • Keep repeating this treatment for several times.

You will find ginger body wrap very effective in healing all issues discussed above in this article. Given above is recipe of ginger body wrap combined with some other ingredients. However, this amazing root can be used as single ingredient to make body wrap recipe that would be very effective. For example, you can use ginger as thick ginger paste or in form of ginger oil. DIY body wrap is amazing in the way that you can bring your required changes in making variety of recipes using same ingredients. So you must try ginger body wrap as this ingredient is very common to be at home and can also be purchased in very low prices but results would be awesome as result of using ginger as body wrap recipe.