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DIY Herbal Body Wrap

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Body wrap is considered the best body therapy and treatment and offers you lots of cosmetic benefits clearing toxins of your body, rejuvenate your skin, soothe your muscles, hydrate your body and many others. However, losing weight in inches and pounds is considered the biggest benefit of body wrap treatment. body wrap can be done at home easily but you need to be well aware of the right method of body wrap including preparing body wrap recipes, method of applying over your body, duration of body wrap and other tips as well.

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When you go for doing a simple body wrap, you may use just clay and some salts to make body wrap recipes. However, body wrap mask, applicator or recipes can be more complicated making use of lots of other ingredients like dried and fresh herbs. The body wrap in which you have to make use of any herb is called herbal body wrap. In fact all body wrap treatments would be named according to the ingredients to be used in the body wrap recipe. For example, sugar body wrap, coffee body wrap, salt body wrap etc.

Whatever we are talking about herbal body wrap and there are lots of natural herbs that can be used in making of most beneficial body wrap recipes. Some of examples of herbs to be used in body wrap include afalfa leaf powder, rose merry leaves, ground basil, chamomile flowers, rose petal, turmeric powder and rosehip. The counting of all available herbs for body wrap recipes is little bit difficult to mention here but the said fact is that herbs are really very effective to give you ultimate benefits of body wrap whether you are doing it at home or in the spa centre.

To make you understand more, here, I can share a sample recipe of herbal body wrap that can be prepared for DIY body wrap treatment. for herbal body wrap recipe, you have to assemble things including water, salt, a few drops of essential oil and powdered form of your selected herb. You are free to make use of any of herb whether in dried or fresh form but you must be aware of the natural contents and benefits of that herb especially for body skin. You just have to combine all these ingredients and mix them well to make a thick paste as body wrap applicator. Now you can make your own body wrap recipe making use of multiple herbs and leaves exist around us.