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DIY Saran Body Wrap

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Before start discussing DIY body wrapping, I would like to explain what is meaning of DIY as this may be confusing for you to understand about what sort of this body wrap is. DIY is nothing just an abbreviation of Do It Yourself. So DIY body wrap means applying and experiencing body wrap method at home rather than rendering professional spa services. Saran wrap is particular type of wrap that is done to reduce inches and lose weight from stomach, tummy and bell area. DIY saran body wrap is using body wrapping technique for belly, tummy and stomach weight losing. Applying saran body wrap is quite simple and makes you more convenient during you wrap your body with wrapping clay mask.

DIY Saran Body Wrap

Body wrap therapy has become very popular among people in spa centers and most of the time they prefer to take body wrap treatment as it is just like spa and also makes you have slim and skinny body. You can even lose inches of your body taking body wrap treatment. So you are going to apply DIY saran body wrap. Given below are some of useful tips to apply DIY saran body wrap.

First of all you need to have proper ingredients or body wrap kit to apply for saran body wrap.

Ingredients for saran body wrap include:

  • Body wrap mask/lotion
  • Clear plastic sheet
  • Wrapping bandage


  • Properly wash and clean saran area of your body before applying body wrap lotion.
  • Apply body wrap lotion on belly or stomach. Make a thicker layer while wrapping with lotion.
  • Gently rub lotion on trouble spot of saran.
  • Make use of clear plastic sheet to snug your skin. It should not be too tight.
  • Now make use of any of material like wrapping bandage to cover plastic sheet entirely.
  • Now let this wrapping sit for several hours i.e. 1-2-3 hours. Even you can let it stay for long night.
  • After completing duration of body wrap, put off everything and rinse our body and saran area.
  • You will see results in losing inches of your saran area.

DIY body wrap treatment is an easy solution for you if you want to lose weight fast for any of coming occasion and event. This body wrap treatment will be more convenient for you rather than taking professional spa services as they are too much costly. This would be cost effective as you can take body wrap treatment as saran for several times using same body wrapping kit. DIY body wrapping therapy also makes you easy to treat your body in your own ways and you can save lots of your time and money. DIY body wrapping treatment is found to be very effective in giving you desired results of losing weight and reducing inches. You are said to rely on DIY body wrapping treatment without any hesitation.