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How to Do DIY Body Wrap

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Body wrap is such an amazing therapy and treatment that offers lots of benefits regarding your physical and mental health and improvement. The ultimate benefits of body wrap include detox the body, reduce cellulites, lose weight, reduce inches, nourish your skin and relieves your joints and muscles. Now it has become very easy to do DIY body wrap at home. This would be more convenient for you regarding costs, duration of body wrap and making use of natural ingredients for body wrap. When the concept of body wrap was originated, it was just done professional spa centers and that lasts very costly too. Here we have complete guide for you regarding DIY body wrap at home.


  • First of all, you have to exfoliate your skin in the best way. For this, you would have to take warm shower for several minutes. During the shower, keep rubbing your skin with scrub or a sot brush to remove dead skin and dirt of the skin.
  • Take clear pictures of your body before doing DIY body wrap and must do this after DIY body wrap to judge the results of body wrap.
  • Now prepare DIY body wrap mask to be applied over your body. Mix coconut oil, coffee grains, sugar and any of good essential oil to have sweet scent during body wrap treatment. Prepare a thick paste of these ingredients.
  • Make use of loofah to apply DIY body wrap mask or paste over your body. Give circular motions to your body while applying the body wrap mask as this would help you relieving your skin cells and muscles. You must focus on the areas where you want to lose weight, reduce inches or tighten your skin like purposes of DIY body wrap.
  • After applying the mask, wrap a plastic sheet over the mask and tie it snug not too tight.
  • Keep drinking water during the DIY body wrap therapy.
  • Let the body wrap mask work and start doing some light workouts and exercises as these would help you meet your purposes of DIY body wrap.
  • Let the body wrap paste or mask stay over your body for several hours. In fact, overnight duration for DIY body wrap would be quite possible for you and would give you amazing results of DIY body wrap.

This is all about you must do for effective and successful DIY body wrap treatment at your home.