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Make Your Own Body Wrap

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To fight with cellulites, extra weight of your body, increased inches of several body parts is really easier now adopting the body wrap treatment. Thousands of people would claim about it really works and is one of effective and safe treatment to be done with your body. Body wrap is the best thing to remove toxins of your body, reduce your weight, lose inches, nourish your skin and let you feel good and look good. DIY body wrap or making your own body wrap treatment is also the best regard saving your time, money and let you be expert in dealing with your own body. Now you don’t need to spend dollars of amount in beauty spa centers to have this lovely treatment. here, we are going to discuss how you can make your own body wrap at home.


Body wrap recipes can be prepared at home using lots of organic and natural ingredients that are always available at our home. Some of them include different salts, essential and natural oils, dried and fresh herbs, grain products, clays and kelps etc. To make your own body wrap treatment more effective, you need to be right in choosing ingredients and using them in adequate amount. So, you are going to have body wrap treatment at your home and your selected recipe for body wrap may include salt, coffee grounds, sugar, olive oil and water. If you are not sure about choosing the right ingredient for DIY body wrap, I instruct you that you are absolutely right to make combination of these ingredients to make an effective body wrap recipe and it would be named “Sugar and Coffee Wrap”.

Now the time is to start wrapping treatment and you must:

Exfoliate your body before you apply body wrap applicator over problem part of your body.

Apply good amount of body wrap recipe over your body and wrap it with wrapping sheets, fabric stripes or polythene sheets. Wrapping should be snug not too tight; not too loose.

Keeping your body hydrated is also very important during body wrap treatment, keep drinking plenty of plain water to get the best results of body wrap.

Let your body wrap for several hours. In fact, over night body wrap would be more effective and is quite possible when you are at home.

Everyone is not seen doing exercises during body wrap but they last really very effective to let you have amazing results of body wrap even after your first wrap.

These are simple and easier things that you must follow to have effective, convenient and cheaper body wrap at home surely having your desired results regarding weight lose, reduce inches, removing toxins of the body, getting rid of cellulites and other soothing affects as well.