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Sugar Scrub Body Wrap

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Body wrap is a very effective physical therapy that lets you enjoy several physical, mental and spiritual health benefits. It is basically a massage and spa like treatment and also related to the most demanding result; weight loss, losing inches and pounds, getting slim and skinny etc. Other benefits of body wrap treatment include muscles relaxation, relieving joint pains, skin rejuvenation and exfoliation. The most important thing that you need to consider to enjoy the ultimate results of body wrap is to make use of right scrub and mask to apply over your body during body wrap treatment.

So many things and ingredients are being used to make body wrap masks and scrubs to give you proper and deep massage over your body. Sugar scrub is one of very common scrubs that is being used in body wrap therapy and it provides the best results regarding body wrap benefits. Even you can enjoy following benefits of using sugar scrub as body wrap mask:

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  • It lets your skin get softer and gentle than before.
  • It removes layers of dead skin cells over your body skin.
  • Clear and clean the skin.
  • It hydrates your skin in the best way.

Sugar is not the only content of sugar scrub as there are several other ingredients added to sugar to make it work effectively on all sorts of skin. Salt, water, essential oils, kelp and clays are also combined with sugar to make the most effective body wrap applicator. Professional spa centers adopt several methods for sugar scrub body wrap but the most common one is to apply sugar scrub in wet room taking shower meanwhile body wrap treatment is being practiced. If you have to perform sugar scrub body wrap to lose weight from specific parts of your body then you don’t need to take spa treatment. You just have to apply sugar scrub over problem part of your body from where you want to lose weight and inches. Whatever are your requirements for sugar scrub body wrap; a spa treatment, skin rejuvenation, losing weight or hydrating your body skin, it works in all the conditions and gives you the best results.

For DIY sugar scrub body wrap, the following recipe would be very good for you:

Mix sugar with sweet almond oil and any of other good essential oil to make sugar scrub for body wrap therapy and enjoy the results.