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Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub DIY Guide

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This coconut oil sugar body scrub would just prove to be a heavenly present for your skin I am sure. It smells so great just like garden of Eden. And the essential oils mixed in it are going to take you on a an aromatic journey which would just calm you down and relaxed. But not only the fragrance and aroma is going to be the main driving feature, it would have such a healing and soothing over all effect on your entire skin wherever you apply it.

Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub DIY Guide

Essential oils with properties:


This is nurturing and claiming for your skin.


It calms down the inflamed skin suffering from eczema or psoriasis.

Carrot seed:

Works to regenerate the skin cells.


It regulates the oil production and improves skin glow.

Ylang Ylang:

It has a gorgeous aroma helps in skin elasticity.


1 ¼ cup of coconut oil.

¾ cup sugar.

6 drops of lavender essential oil.

4 drops of ylang ylang essential oil.

3 drops of rose essential oil.

2 drops of geranium essential oil.

2 drops of carrot seed essential oil.

How to make it:

First of all you have to bring the coconut oil in the melted form or liquid form, so do it on stove or on the microwave. Stir in the sugar in a large non-reactive bowl and add in the essential oils. On mixing all the ingredients stir them very well and when you are done, save it into mason jars with plastic lids to store. So it would be better to store it in the fridge and just grab out when you need to apply this coconut oil scrub.


Scrub your skin in the shower with this coconut oil body scrub, rub gently after washing your skin. And when you are done, just wash it away. Use it with some equal intervals and with the passage of time, you would witness a very glowing change in your skin. Its essential oils would have multiple good impacts on your skin. It would fight eczema and other skin blemishes. And make your skin more glowing and soft.