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Tips for Removing Dark Patches on Facial Skin

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Having dark even blacks spots and patches on facial skin is a common problem with men and women and there may be several reasons for having this skin problem. There may be nutritional deficiency, poor care for facial skin and other reasons like that to have dark patches on facial skin. Whatever the reasons and problems for you suffer from this skin problem, you would surely want to restore clear, fresh and glowing skin and this can be done easily just focusing on doing some right things for your overall health and for skin care as well. Given below are some good things for you to do to have beautiful tone of facial skin.


  • First of all, your first concern should be taking right and good diet for healthy and beautiful skin. Make use of more and more water to drink, eat plenty of veggies, fruit and vegetables on daily basis, milk should also be included in your day to day diet. You must eat well to have overall good health and healthy and beautiful skin as well.
  • Cleaning of facial skin is also very important to make it look clean, younger, fresh and glowing. For this make use of lemon juice. Daily apply lemon juice over your facial skin and leave it for several minutes then wash with fresh water. Do this daily to make your facial skin look clean and clear.
  • Prepare a mixture of buttermilk and tomato juice and apply it over your face and leave for 20 minutes. Wash with fresh water and keep doing this remedy to get rid of dark patches on skin.
  • Prepare a thick paste using gram flour, turmeric powder and milk and apply this paste to wash your face twice a day. This would be very effective and fast remedy to treat dark patches on facial skin. You will notice results within in a few days after doing this remedy.
  • Keep your skin moisturized better on daily basis. Apply healthy amount of a good moisturizer to avoid it getting cracked and rough. This is also a reason to have dark patches on facial skin. Petroleum jelly can be a very good moisturizer for facial skin and it should be applied daily especially in winter season.

These are some easy things and steps that you can do to have fresh and glowing skin tone of your face.