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How Herbal Remedies Can Keep You Slim and Healthy

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The relation of weight loss and natural remedies is very strong and well known. You have various cheap and effective options in kitchen which can help you lose those annoying fats in no time. So instead of going for pop up ads and unsafe ways and regimes of slimming, here are some useful herbs which you can collect in bulk to make your own teas and weight loss formulas. Not only will you get appropriate diet formula for you but also assurance of fine quality and freshness of herbs.

Herbal Remedies


It is the best herb to boost the immune system and control blood pressure. This herb can prevent from cancer, stress and fatigue. It is also considered a best antibiotic for viral and bacterial infections and is used in various medications preparation. You can take it orally to regulate your blood pressure and cardiovascular system.


This herb is mostly found in Western herbal medicine and it can boost immune system effectively. It helps in producing white blood cells which play key role in immunity of human body against foreign bodies.


Commonly used as chamomile tea, this herb contains numerous properties of improving digestive system and relaxes muscle spasm.


Chocolate contains this beneficial ingredient which keeps you thinner and firmer. But chocolate consumption must be neutral if you want to attain the benefits. Reduced caloric intake along with proper exercise regime can provide positive results with amazing feelings which cacao gives to your mind and body.

Evening Primrose Oil:

This herb is taken from seeds of evening primrose plants and it can help the people to lower their cholesterol level. Acting as anti-inflammatory agent against the disease of rheumatoid arthritis this oil has got amazing healing properties.


This herb is used for prevention of bacteria being produced in bladder and causes for infection in the body. Various medical experts recommend its regular use for treatment of infections. The cranberry juice helps in reducing the chances of fat accumulation in body thus keeping you slim and smart.

Green Tea with Lemon:

This is the most effective drink, which can help people to lose their weight. If it used regularly then it will keep the weight normal and it does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body. Unlike black tea, green tea has no side effects rather it leaves great impression on metabolic syndrome. Also lemon having citric acid maintains your weight by improving the digestive system.

Psyllium and Stevia:

These are less glamorous herbs providing required fiber and nutrition thus controlling your appetite. The more you feel full, the less calories will you consume. These herbs slow down the carbohydrates absorption aiding in keeping the body slim and smart. The stevia is an effective alternative to sugar for its sweet leaves and pleasant taste.


Being a healthy spice, it has antiseptic properties for healing cuts and bruises. Also this herb prevents weight gain when used with fat excessive diet preventing the formation of fatty tissues.