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Things I Can Do For Being Skinny

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Obesity is the major leading issues nowadays which are equally affecting people of all age groups and geographical regions. The main factor which can help you to control weight and obesity is your caloric intake. Most of the time people are successful in reducing their weight but after sometime they regain it which spills over all the effort they made. Because it is so hard to keep the weight off over time, it is very important to have as much information and knowledge before starting a diet. The most important thing is setting up a goal and making effort to gain it.

weight and obesity

Setting Up A Goal:

  • You should set your goal which should be realistic.
  • Your first goal should be to maintain your weight at present and make every possible effort to prevent it from increasing.
  • When you are successful in maintaining your weight and you are confident that you are successful in reaching the first goal you set up for yourself. Plan and take therapies to reduce your weight.

Choose A New Dietary Plan:

A calorie is a unit of energy found in the food. Your body needs calories to generate energy. These calories determine your weight. If your caloric intake is more than your caloric utilization, then surely you are going to gain weight.

  • Estimate your caloric intake by your present weight.
  • A meal replacement drinks for breakfast.
  • Eat low fat diet. Low fat diet is the one that contains less than 30 percent of fat content.
  • Low carbohydrate diet. Eat between 60-130 grams per day.
  • A high amount of fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.
  • A relatively low amount of red meat and other meat products.
  • High amount of monounsaturated fats like olive or canola oil, peanuts, Walnuts etc.

How to Work Out?


  • Walk for forty minutes in a day can help you to lose your weight.
  • The best time for walk for weight reduction therapy is early morning but if you don’t find time in early morning you make it possible whatever the time you like.
  • Strenuous Exercise like push-ups and squats for five minutes daily

Should I Use Weight Loss Pills?

These are recommended only for those people who have experienced enough of diet and exercise but unable to reduce their weight.

  • Orlistat- After one year treatment with Orlistat, the average weight reduced is round about 5.3 kg or 10 percent of your initial body weight.
  • Lorcaserin- It reduces appetite and the total weight reduction with this medicine is 5.8kg
  • Phentermine – it reduces the food intake and the approximated weight reduced is 8-10 percent of initial body weight.

Final Step, Weight Loss Surgery:

These are definitive for those who had failed to respond all other therapies.

  • Bariatric surgery readily achieves a 10-40 percent sustained weight loss.
  • Surgery that bypasses the stomach and upper small intestine successfully reverses some of the complications of obesity.