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To Do or Not to Do For Being Smart Healthy

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Good health is always related to diet you take and the level of physical activity you are involved in. if you want to lead a very healthy life then you have to be serious regarding your plans and approach. Obesity is the leading and burning issue of today’s era. There are different factors that are actually leading the world towards this catastrophe. The main events responsible for this issue are sedation, decreased physical activity and more caloric intake then their utilization. Here are simple techniques by which you can reduce your weight. If you integrate these simple tactics in your daily life, you will be thinner and healthier in days.

Smart Healthy

Snack But Smartly:

A perfect diet can give you perfect life. You don’t have to keep your tummy empty all the time. You should satisfy your cravings with healthy grub instead of ignoring it. You must avoid excessive intake of junk food. Satisfy your hunger with protein and carbohydrate.

Turn Off The TV:

It is proved by experimental studies that dinning while viewing television or using mobile phones or laptops diverts your attention and concentration and that make you to take 40 percent more calories than your usual intake. These eating habits can drive you to eat more and more though you are not aware of your increased food intake. Always prefer to take small chunk of food in the plate and sit on one place and finish your food.

Walk Daily:

If strenuous exercise is a problem for you and you cannot manage your time for this from your busy scheduled life, there is a simple walk plan for you. Walk for about 20-30 minutes provides you a very good figure to lose your weight.


If you are determined about losing the weight nothing is difficult for you. Doing five minutes push-ups, lunges and squats in thirty second interval will help build and maintain muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more your metabolism will be and it will burn more calories.

Have Fruit Twice A Day:

Fruit is a fiber that contains no fat but large amount of water. Daily food intake will help your stomach fill and will leave you to take less carbohydrate rich food.

Good Sleep:

Sleep is important factor regarding your metabolism. The more your sleeping hours would be, it will make your body inactive for longer time and it will not help you to follow your dietary plan. Sleep for 7-9 hours is regarded as healthy sleep time.

Visualize Yourself Thin:

When you feel your confidence is being shattered and your will is power breaking, conjure a mental picture of yourself with lean and thin body. The visual motivation and determination will help you reach your destiny making all the troubles and problems nil for yourself.

What To Refrain From?

  • Avoid sleep for longer time.
  • Avoid increased sugar intake.
  • Avoid junk foods.
  • Avoid alcohol intake.
  • Avoid sedentary lifestyle.
  • Involve yourself in healthy activities.
  • Take green tea.